Deep Tissue Massage

Experience Deep Tissue Massage at Lympha Flow Spa. Expert therapy for chronic pain, improved posture, and stress relief. Unlock a new wellness realm.

“I came out of surgery super flat but then developed lots of abdominal fibrosis, Rejane was able to help me work through it and every session helped achieve better results. She’s really sweet and her space is super clean and comfortable. Would definitely recommend it. She also uses ultrasound and cavitation on you if needed.”

The Lymphatic Drainage massages greatly assisted my healing process. Not only did they help reduce swelling and bruising, but they also improved my overall well-being and comfort during the crucial recovery period. I truly believe that these massages played a pivotal role in my swift recovery and the reduction of potential complications, such as infection or seromas.

Thanks to Lympha Flow’s outstanding service, my post-surgical recovery was a breeze and I truly felt taken care of. I highly recommend Rejane and her team to anyone considering incorporating Lymphatic Drainage Massage into their post-surgery care plan. I can’t thank them enough for their invaluable assistance during my healing journey!


Discover the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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